October 3, 2023

Voice calls and video meetings have become integral to professional communication worldwide. As working from home has become commonplace, companies frequently record professional over-the-phone conversations with clients to analyze them later. But truth be told, it can be tough to go back and try listening to the whole interaction merely to extract a piece of specific information from the entire verbal exchange.

You might have wondered if there was a more effective way to search the audio content more conveniently, much like the way you search your email inbox for a particular sentence. Yes, there is! Software for phone transcription services can do this for you by simply turning your calls into searchable texts. This article explores how you can find the best phone transcription software online and why you should use one for your business in the first place.

What Is Phone or Call Transcription?

Phone transcription involves transforming your voice calls into a text format that can be read and searched quickly. Every day, calls made by customers generate a significant amount of audio content for any business. Transcribing your company’s phone calls, i.e., all professional communications, allow you to have a thorough record of business-related conversations, including legal affairs, financial planning, and marketing decisions.

Call Recorder Software – Get Your Call Recorded

Before you can use transcription software, you need to record your call. TapeACall is a reputable call recording app that can instantly help you get clear voice recordings. It provides an easy method for iPhone or Android users to record incoming and outgoing phone conversations. With TapeACall, you can conveniently export your call recordings as audio files and transcribe them later.

Top Phone Transcription Software to Use in 2022

With so many options available, you may find it to be a little tough to choose a suitable call transcription software. For this reason, this section discusses the best call-to-text transcription tools available.

  • Otter

Otter is an industry-standard voice transcription system that offers fully automatic transcription, translation, and audio processing capabilities. With the help of this AI-powered tool, you can convert your call recordings into searchable text that you can use within your organization for training purposes or further analysis. You can either record audio from your phone and transcribe it later or instantly transcribe it using a web browser. More than just a bare-bones version of transcription (i.e., unformatted blocks of text), this tool also helps you add speaker ID, annotations, key phrases, and even images. 

  • Sonix

Sonix provides fast, professional software to transcribe phone calls automatically. It’s a user-friendly tool that produces transcriptions requiring minimal editing for clear audio files. You can instantly search a particular call section, as Sonix includes timestamps with the dialogue. Additionally, you gain access to a general text editor that will enable you to edit your work as and when required.

Additionally, this tool boasts automatic speech recognition, punctuation checking, speech processing, and background noise cancellation, making the software suitable for transcribing professional conversations.

  • SpeechText.AI

SpeechText.AI is effective audio transcription software that makes it convenient to convert speech into text quickly. Using this tool, you just need to upload your audio file, select a domain-specific term from the available options, and it will correctly turn your recording into text. Last but not least, it can assist you in editing and exporting your content in various formats. Even though this speech-to-text program is adequate for some, only human-based services can offer top-level accuracy. Nevertheless, this tool is an excellent supplementary tool that can get the job done fast.

Transcribing Is Where Man Beats Machine

While artificial intelligence may surpass humans in every other field, when it comes to audio transcription, people undoubtedly outperform AI. Human transcriptionists are superior to AI-driven software because a human expert can filter background noise far better than any known machine learning algorithm and transcribe a conversation with proper punctuation, let alone suggest non-verbal sounds. 

Moreover, AI fails to distinguish subtle differences between dialects and accents of a language, but human-based services are proficient in this, too. They can provide close to 100% accuracy when turning your calls into texts. For this reason, you should always trust reputable online professional transcription services and only consider using any software as a supplementary tool.

Closing Remarks

The ability to search for words in sound clips is call-to-text transcription’s main benefit. Consumer insights, competitor analysis, and sentiments are precious. Call transcription can help you boost sales, cut costs, and improve customer satisfaction. They can assist you in turning large audio files into insightful and actionable data sets that will enhance your business operations massively!

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