June 18, 2024

Breast surgery is one of the dreams that girls have. Many people want to try it once in their life. to enhance the confidence and beauty of your own body But many people are still hesitant about the consequences. Not sure if it’s good to do? What are the side effects? Or how to take care of yourself? And here are 10 important things that you should know and understand…before you decide to have breast surgery.

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Rule 1, you must first ask yourself: ‘need what?’

Before deciding to do girls You should ask yourself first. ‘What do you want?’ or ‘What is our problem?’ in order to get the answer why you need breast augmentation surgery.

In most cases, the problem of people who decide to undergo breast surgery usually has 2 issues:

– have a small breast size problem Disproportionate to the size of the body, for example, some people are tall, broad shoulders, large, but the A cup breast size looks disproportionate. Therefore, breast augmentation is needed to correct defects in the body. Most of this group is usually the age group of 20-30 years.

– Want to fix sagging breasts after having children Usually, mothers become pregnant after having a child and in the period of breastfeeding the breasts will atrophy. have a sagging appearance and do not look as beautiful as when young Breast surgery will help the breast shape look more beautiful and proportional.

Rule 2, must know if there is any abnormality in your breasts or not.

Before deciding to have breast surgery We must first know that in addition to the external appearance Is there a problem inside our chest? Is there a lump or pain anywhere? If there’s anything that we’re not sure or suspect is a tumor or cancer. You should go for a checkup and complete treatment before you think about having breast surgery.

Examination can be done in a number of ways, such as palpating the chest for an initial physical examination by yourself. or a physical examination by a doctor with X-rays, mammograms or ultrasound

Rule 3, Know the difference of each type of silicone.

Nowadays, we can find knowledge about silicone breast implants ourselves on the internet. But if you want to know reliable information Including being able to compare the advantages and disadvantages of each type of silicone Should consult a doctor directly at the hospital.

The classification of silicone can be divided into several types.

– Divided according to what is contained inside, such as saline packaging and silicone gel packaging

– packaged brine It will be surgery to remove an empty silicone bag into the breast. There will be a hose in the area where the saline is inserted into the bag. For example, if we choose a 300cc bag after surgery and place the saline bag in place, the saline will be added through the tube. Fill the bag to the desired volume. The silicone bag filled with saline will swell up like silicone gel. When finished, the cable will be disconnected. and close the saline bag

– Silicone gel It is a medical grade silicone. The gel inside is soft, flexible and very sticky, and can change its shape according to the force of compression.

– Divided by surface, such as smooth surface and sand surface.

– The smooth surface is very clear and the surface is very smooth.

– Sand type is produced to solve the problem of fascia after surgery. Because in the past, breast problems were often hardened after 6 months of surgery due to the use of smooth silicone. This causes a condition known as fibrosis. The chest became harder despite the fact that after the completion of the new ever softer Therefore, the sand surface was developed to reduce the problem of fascia. But at present, both types are still used, depending on the discretion of the doctor and the needs of the patient.

– Divided according to the shape of the silicone, which are spherical and teardrop-shaped.

– Sphere. This will be the same round as the whole ball. like a ball that can roll There are no problems with long-term care. and easier to operate than the teardrop shape

– Teardrop shape, designed to look like a real bust, the top is flat, the bottom is slanted. Which lately like this has become more popular But the problem is that surgery and care is more difficult than the sphere. A highly skilled doctor is required as there is a chance that the silicone will turn upside down to some extent. And when there is a problem, it must be solved with repeated surgery. or need to massage often to help keep the silicone in place

Rule 4, Choose the size of the silicone that is appropriate for the body size.

Many people may have thought that if they hurt themselves, they should make it bigger. But in fact, choosing the size of silicone must take into account our body as well. Due to improper size causing negative consequences as follows:

  1. Breasts that are too big This will cause you to feel tight, short of breath, and back pain.
  2. Problems with numb nipples Due to the large silicone to squeeze the nipples and nerves.
  3. The larger the size, the higher the chance that the milk will harden due to the tight fascia.

How to choose a silicone that makes it the right size for your body? by measuring the bust Measure the height of the middle of the chest. chest height Measure the distance from the nipple to the nipple base. Then slowly open the catalog to choose the right silicone size. And there is another easy way to get the bra that we want to try on. Then take the desired size of silicone and try to fit it in. Then look at yourself in the mirror to see if you like your shape now or not. Then ask the doctor to help measure with a computer program again to see if the size that we are satisfied with is the right size for ourselves or not.


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