June 14, 2024

Workers who work at plants, refineries, and oilfields are often exposed to situations that are hazardous and dangerous. If you sustained injuries in a pipeline, plant, or oilfield explosion, you need to consider all ways to recover a settlement. Your employer has workers’ compensation insurance, which will pay for some of your losses, but that is rarely enough. Also, in many cases, there could be third parties responsible for such mishaps, and it is pertinent that you talk to an experienced plant explosion lawyer at the earliest. Learn More about why hiring an attorney is so relevant.

Know the facts

When it comes to filing a workers’ compensation claim, you need to understand that your employer only pays the premium. The insurance company is responsible for paying the benefits, and as we all know, these giants don’t care for victims or their families. The claims adjuster will try to save money for their respective employer, for which they will try to undermine your losses. It often happens that industrial workers don’t get what they deserve, and without an attorney, the chances are slimmer.

Filing a personal injury lawsuit

From premise owners and subcontractors to rig owners, equipment manufacturers, and contractors, many parties could have been responsible for contributing to or causing such explosions. If that’s the case in your situation, your lawyer can help determine whether you can file a personal injury lawsuit and recover the maximum compensation that covers the losses. There’s no denying that evaluating and filing injury lawsuits can take significant work, and you need to explore all possibilities. Your lawyer will launch an independent investigation and discover facts, details, and evidence that can be useful for your case.

Choosing the right lawyer

Not all injury lawyers can claim to have represented clients in the gas and oilfield industries, and therefore, you need someone who specializes in such cases. Ask the attorney if they have handled plant explosion lawsuits and what they have achieved so far. The lawyer is also likely to work on a contingency fee, so you shouldn’t have to pay them when you get them to fight the lawsuit. They should also have courtroom experience and expertise to take the matter to trial. You can ask for references, and don’t forget to check online reviews and ratings.

Final word

Nothing compares to the injuries of an accident at the workplace. Don’t let the insurance company decide what you get for all the pain and suffering you have endured.

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