June 14, 2024

Comedy is one of the oldest and richest forms of entertainment, giving us the chance to connect with people who are like us and think about things the same way we do.  If you’re throwing an event and you want to make sure your guests can relax while they dine or mingle, it’s time to find a good comedian!

These are the top ways comedians help party guests relax and why you should hire one for your next event!

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Connect At Their Level

Many comedians love to involve crowds in their acts, connecting with them by laughing with them.  This can be exciting for people who love comedy because they have the chance to get to know the main act and possibly become someone known by the comedian.

Comedians are great at making anyone seem like their best friend; it’s a skill that is great on stage and is awesome to witness while you’re in a crowd.

Laughter Releases Serotonin

When we laugh, our body releases serotonin and endorphins, allowing us to relax further and really enjoy whatever is happening on stage.  Serotonin, also known as the happy chemical, is naturally produced by our brains and can leave us in a giddy and excited mood instead of being continuously dragged down by what’s going on in daily life.  This is an awesome reason to go to any comedy show.

The chance to Take Mind Off of Daily Stresses

We all have stressors throughout our daily life.  From a package delivery broken to getting into a disagreement with our significant others, it’s important to try and find ways to alleviate your stress.  Fortunately, laughter can help with that.  We laugh when we’re surprised, and this can pull our minds off of the stress and anxiety in our daily life and place it on something that makes us feel good and connect with others.

Connects Audio and Visual Focus

Sometimes if we don’t have multiple senses taken up, it’s easy to get distracted or bored.  With comedians like Tony Baker, there’s a double combo of physical and auditory humor that allows you to put your entire attention on him.

This is awesome for any crowd that’s usually distractible or for an event where you want to avoid boredom as much as possible.

Gives Them Something to Connect to Other Audience Members With

Comedy allows people to connect with others, regardless of what event they’re at.  Even if everyone in the crowd is a stranger to the others around them, a good comedian will be able to give them something to feel connected about.

Laughter is a social experience, with people far less likely to laugh in a situation where they’re uncomfortable and far more likely to feel comfortable if they’re able to share laughter with others.  A great comedian can bridge any social gap.

Everyone Loves a Fantastic Comedy Show

Comedy is a type of entertainment that speaks to all people at a basic level.  We want to connect and feel good while laughing: so pick the right act for your next event!

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