May 19, 2024

You have a potential personal injury case in Boston and want to know the legal options. Even if you find information on Massachusetts laws and numerous articles on how to file a claim, you cannot do everything alone unless you have experience. Hiring a Boston personal injury lawyer is your best option, and if you have never hired one, we have five facts that you must know.

  1. Expertise counts over everything else. An injury lawyer may deal with a wide range of claims and lawsuits, and you need someone with specific knowledge in similar cases. The strategy and work required to prove a medical malpractice lawsuit are different than that of a slip & fall accident. Start with the lawyer’s profile and see the cases they usually encounter in their practice.
  2. Experience matters too. How long has an injury lawyer been practicing in Boston? Are they locally based? Do they have experience going to trial for injury lawsuits? Most claims are settled, and therefore, only a handful of attorneys can claim to have courtroom confidence.
  3. No fee for a consultation. If you want to meet an attorney and discuss the claim, you don’t have to pay a fee for that. Even the top injury lawyers in Boston don’t ask for payment when evaluating potential cases. You can always look for options if you don’t feel that the lawyer is a good fit for your case. There is no obligation to hire someone just because you met them.
  4. No upfront fee either. You don’t have to pay an injury lawyer for their work until there is a financial recovery. If you get a settlement, the lawyer will take a fixed percentage of it, which would be mentioned in the contract you have with them. You may have to pay for certain expenses, which should be discussed beforehand.
  5. You should expect clear communication. Communicating with your lawyer and getting updates on the case shouldn’t be a chore for you. Ensure that you talk to potential options about how they intend to talk to you or reply to your queries. Usually, attorneys have dedicated teams to take care of this aspect and must provide a point of contact when you engage them.

Schedule a consultation with an injury lawyer now and find out more about their schedule, availability, and experience. Before you step in, make a list of questions that matter to your claim and include all evidence you have.

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