July 11, 2024

When we think of surgery, we think of science. When we think of science, we think of logic and hard facts regarding what’s the correct idea and what isn’t. Typically, those aren’t the thoughts anyone would associate with creativity and art.  Would you believe it if plastic surgery was where logic and medical expertise flowed together beautifully with creativity and artistic vision?


It might not sound like it at first, but a plastic surgeon working their magic isn’t all that different from a painter creating a stunning image from what was just paint supplies anyone can purchase. When in the world of cosmetic surgeries, it’s not a life literally being saved or a disease being cured but a person helping someone finally becoming all they’ve always wanted to be.

Having The Eye

We aren’t talking about optometry. In this sense, “having the eye” refers to understanding what makes something aesthetically beautiful and worthy of being in a museum. Often, what makes a work of art rise to that level is the context of how and when the work was created. In the same vein, there isn’t one ideal nose or the absolutely perfect chin for all of us.


It’s about understanding the bigger picture which, in the case of a plastic surgeon, means how their work will impact and be influenced by the other features on the patient’s body. That will come from having a deep, solid understanding of what makes something, and someone, beautiful in the first place.

A Perfect Balance

What makes a plastic surgeon a master of their craft is being able to see what perfectly balances someone’s other features. No matter how much plastic surgery is being considered, the patient’s natural beauty is going to be both the canvas and blueprint from which the surgeon does their work.


This will be achieved with a surgeon’s hand and an artist’s eye.

Knowing what makes a painting beautiful is no different than understanding how to make someone happy in their own skin.


Like a painter working on a commission, the work being done on the patient is somewhat of a collaboration between painter and patron, surgeon and patient. Along with the hands of an artist, the plastic surgeon also must have an artist’s ears and heart when someone else’s happiness is on the line.


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Making The Familiar New Again

The goal of art, above all else, is to show us something we’ve seen our entire lives both in a new perspective so it feels like it’s something we’ve never crossed paths with. By making someone happier in their own skin, the plastic surgeon facilitates both a literal and figurative new beginning.


When someone has never been happy with the way they look, they might have turned down job interviews or dates because of a lack of confidence keeping them away from the life they’ve always deserved. After someone receives plastic surgery, and can see someone they love in their own mirror, they will be able to walk into all life hands with their head high in their shoulders back. Learn more about – who is katie sakov?

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