July 11, 2024

Applying for a job can be quite overwhelming. You have to prepare a lot of things, not to mention the time and effort you would need to complete all the documents you need for the job application. In every job hirings in all kinds of jobs, there are documents that they would require each applicant to submit. Some of the most common documents are the resume and cover letter. Though the resume is the most known document, if you are unfamiliar with cover letters, you can just look up online cover letter examples and use them as a guide when you write yours. Here is a short list of documents that you need to prepare for your job application. 

Cover Letter

The cover letter is usually submitted along with the resume. It is your only chance to leave a good impression, so it is very important that your cover letter stands out. The cover letter is like an introduction. The cover letter shows why you are the applicant the company is looking for and why you are passionate about working in with the company. 

When writing a cover letter, you must keep it short, about 400 words. Keep in mind that you are to make a good first impression with this paper. When writing your cover letter, you should be honest so that the hiring managers can feel your sincerity. It should also not look like your resume. You must be able to show how qualified you are for the position you are applying for. This means that your skills and passion will be discussed. Your skills will also be mentioned in your resume, but the cover letter, it should serve as an explanation of how you have the capability of meeting their needs. Show, do not tell. Use your experience and credentials to show that you are the one they are looking for. 


The resume is the document that every employer would look for. Your resume contains all the information the company needs about you, from your personal information, like contact numbers and home addresses, to your work and education history. Your resume should also contain all of your relevant credentials. From the ones you had in school to your previous jobs. You should also add all the relevant awards and certifications you received. It is very important to make your resume unique, so it is also a good move to add your soft skills to give your hiring managers a glimpse of how you are both an employee and a person. Just keep in mind that everything you put in here is relevant to the job description and position.

Birth certificate

Most companies will ask for your birth certificate for security reasons. They need your birth certificate to verify your age and citizenship. The birth certificate guarantees that the company is lawfully employing you. 

Medical exam certificate

Depending on the nature of the job, most companies will ask for a medical exam certificate. They need to see your body’s medical state and see if you are taking any drugs. Most medical exams include a drug test and the typical physical test where they would get your blood pressure, height, weight, heart rate, and test your vision. Companies ask for medical certificates to see if you are physically fit for the job. You may have all the skills they need, but your body may not be suitable for the work. 

Educational certificates

Many companies ask for educational certificates to confirm the major claims you put in your resume. This serves as evidence that the school you placed in your resume you went to is true. It also proves that you finished a certain level in school. Do not forget about your degree certificate; that will be a huge help. 

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